Video in marketing


Video in marketing

In 2019 we expect the growth trend of video to continue. Research suggests that video has not reached its saturation point at all. More marketers are using video content, and even more consumers are accessing video than one year ago. As a business, you should be utilizing video. DMM gives you insight into how to go about using video marketing to take advantage of this trend.


Trends in video

Major changes have happened over the last twenty years in the way we consume video. It is incredible to think how far we have come since the days of Beta and VHS! Nowadays you are more likely to view a video on your mobile phone than anywhere else, with over 60% of users accessing the internet on their phones every day. Video content on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is now commonplace.

To prove the point, the biggest brands in the world have been taking to social media videos for advertising. Seeing an inline video advertisement for or Spotify in a social media video is now the norm. Smaller companies can learn from the way big brands approach their video marketing. If you are not working with a massive budget, you can still easily share testimonies, product reviews or an insight into company workings with clients and fans. You may also want to tap in to new trends such as 360 video and interactive video, which are changing the landscape of video again. Viral videos,  featuring everything from cute kids to political opinions and are also shared and re-shared millions of times. This is the unicorn many people are chasing.


Personal videos have taken over social feeds across the globe. People are promoting themselves as influencers, filming their pets and children or environmental disasters every day. This ushered in the age of user generated content like never before, rivaled only by the pictures of breakfasts we became accustomed to on our news-feeds in previous years. Some users have been able to create a revenue stream from their own content with little capital investment, and now have sponsors from large companies to keep creating content. Keeping in mind that it is estimated that over 500 hours of video is uploaded to the internet every minute.  It is a daunting arena to venture into, however powerful it might be.

What do these changes in video mean for you?

Video should be part of your marketing strategy. Your business is unique and therefore your video offering should reflect that. Whether you decide to do a vlog or a series of product reviews is up to you. However, you should always keep in mind what your audience or client base will be attracted to and how the video content will benefit your business. It has to serve a purpose and has to lead to action from your audience. For instance, do you want them to buy something, learn something or share the video? This will determine the type of video content you create.

You can decide to one of the following types of video:

  • Educational video: teaching complex concepts in a simple format, including how-to and tutorial videos
  • Promotional video: targeting a specific viewer and offering a solution in the form of a product or service, and has a clear call to action
  • Information video: concise news and information on events, interviews, news or public services
  • Documentary video: historical record for the purpose of information and entertainment
  • Entertainment video: anything from music to reality show videos
  • Vlogs, live streaming or podcasts: can contain a combination of any of the above

Your video content should contribute towards your end goal and your overall marketing strategy. In 2019, video should be optimized in the same way as your other content and thus can be analyzed to see the actual return on investment that video offers you. Analytics on video platforms have advanced to the degree that you can see which videos are performing for you and how to capitalize on what you did right.

DMM has a range of services that would suit your budget to create and market your video content. With our expertise and creative input we can help your business stay ahead of the competition. We would love to talk to you about your video content creation today.